Our university has been established with No. 26536 dated 29.05.2007 No. 5662 Law on Organization of Higher Education Institutionsand HigherEducation InstitutionsTeaching Staff rosters with DecreeLaw on theProcedure of the General Staffpublished in theOfficial Gazette and the schedules attachedtothe DecreeLaw on the Amendmentto Article 7 of the 2809 Additional 72nd agentaddedto Law. Since its establishment in 2007, it continue sits growin geffortto making high-quality education. Siirt University, Institute of Education in 1976 as a two-year on the Dicle University was established in 1982 underthe name of Siirt Education School education continued at thelevel of associated egree programs. College offers under graduate programs in the academic year 1989-1990 opened in 1992, was named Dicle University Faculty of Education.

There are 7 faculties in the university; Education Faculty, Engineering and Architecture Faculty, Science-Literature, Agriculture, Theology Faculty, Faculty of Economics and Administrative sciences and Veterinary Medical Faculty, 3 Institutions: Institute of Science, Social Sciences and Institute of Living Languages; 2 Higher Schools: Higher School of Health and School of Physical Education and Sport; 4 Vacational Schools: Vacational School of Siirt, Vacational School of Health Services, Vacational School of Kurtalan and Vacational School of Eruh and 3 Research Centers: Research and Training Center for Crafts, Research and Training Center for Issues of Women and Continuous Training and Research Center.

   Healt hand Central Campuses, whic hare in city centre, new lybuilt Kezer Campus and Kurtalan and Eruh campus esarestill continuing their education and training.There are the Higher School of Health and Vacational School of Health Services in Health Campus. In the Central Campus, there are Rector Service Building, The Faculties of Education, Economics and Administrative Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Siirt Vacational School, TheVacational School of Physical Educationand Sports and the apartments of
 the employees. In Eruh Campus, there is The Vacational School of Eruh and in Kurtalan Campus, there is The Vacational School of Kurtalan.  And in Kezer Campus, The Faculties of Engineering and Architecture, Science and Literature, Agriculture, Theology are still continu ing their education and services. Also, Lab of Central Research, Indoor Sports Halland a Guest House will be seen in Kezer Campus.

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